Discord School Hubs: All About Discord Upcoming New Feature

Discord has released a new feature called Discord school hub. This new feature of Discord will make sure that no one apart from students can join the School hub. In this blog, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about the Discord school hubs and How to access them. Discord school hubs will be a new feature that will make studying together with a single class much easier than ever. 

What is a Discord School Hub?

Discord school hubs enable students to meet their classmates within their old school hub. This feature will make cubs accessible only to those who are currently participating in the school curriculum. Students can able to find the other classmates that have joined the School hub earlier. They can also add their servers to the hub, and find their classmates’ servers in one place. Students can search for their classmate’s servers and add their servers within the hub. Only students having an email address assigned from their school will have access to the hub.

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How to join Discord School Hub? 

You will receive a message from your Discord that the School hub is started or not by your school. This message will have all of the information to join your specific School Hub. If the hub is not available in your country, you can sign up to get information that when it becomes available in your countries.

Note: This feature is currently an experiment for users of Australia, the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, and France. Discord will also be available this feature in other countries in the future.

Follow these steps to join your Discord hubs school: 

Step 1.→ At the very bottom of your discord server list, You will see the explore public service option, click on it.

Step 2.→ Now, Go to the “School Hubs” category by clicking on it.

Discord School Hubs

Step 3.→You will see an option called “Join My School” in the green color button. Click on the “Join My School” option.

Discord School Hubs - Join My School

Step 4.→ A prompt will appear for you to put in your assigned official school’s email address. Put your email address and password to Join Discord Scholl Hub that were given by your school.

Discord School Hubs Email Verification

Step 5.→ Now, Click on the “OK” button. 

Now, You are in your Discord School Hub.

Who can create Discord School Hub? 

Discord School Hub are no associated with any school or colleges. Once, The members of your school enable the hub for your school, It will be generated. After that school community members can add their own service to the hub. This makes it simple for students to find individual servers within the hub.

How will my school email address be used? 

The email address that was given by your school will be used to verify that which school hub you can access. The email address is not visible to other users on the Discord School Hubs, and also It will not be shared with your school.

Which countries have Discord School Hubs available?

Discord Hubs School is already live in Australia for some schools. Countries like – India, China, and much more are on the waitlist. Students in countries like U.S.A, Canada, France, Great Britain, and Germany can also add their school to the waitlist. Other additional countries can also be able to add their schools to a waitlist soon. 


It is a good feature for the students. It will help them to focus on their study much better than before. That’s everything you need to know about the Discord school hubs. If you have any ideas for future discord updates, Let me know in the comments.

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Additional FAQs

Q1. Is Discord also available for colleges/universities and organizations?
Ans → Yes, Discord is available for colleges/universities and organizations. There are more than 200 colleges and universities are available on Discord.
Q2. How to use Discord for your classroom?
Ans → Students can use the various servers of their discord classroom to study. It will help them a lot in their studies.
Q3. What is Discord Student’s Hub?
Ans → Discord has a dedicated server for helping students with their academic difficulties. They use the U.S Education System including other subjects like – Mathematics to Sports to foreign languages.
Q4. What is the requirement for Discord Students’ Hub?
Ans → You must be 13 or older than thirteen to be in the Discord Students’ Hub. If you want to become an assistant or a mentor, You have to prove your talent in your fields.

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