How to activate OWN TV at on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast

A lot of people are searching for “start watchown tv activate“. They are finding some difficulties to activate the OWN TV on their devices. Own Tv is a great app that allows you to watch popular shows like – Oprah Prime, Black Love, Greenleaf, Oprah’s Master Class, Party at Tiffany’s, Addicted to Food, For Peete’s Sake, Queen Sugar, the Rosie Show, Mom’s Got Game, Life with La Toya, Flex & Shanice, Married to the Army: Alaska, Houston Beauty, Belief, Love Is, Finding Sarah, Police Women of Dallas, and much more.

Today, I will show you “How to activate OWN TV on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast” on your respective devices. So, Stay till the end.

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What is the Watch Own app?

OWN or Oprah Winfrey Network is a streaming app that allows its audience to watch the latest TV Shows on their devices. Watch Own have their own video’s library so that their audience can binge watch these videos.

OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is an American TV channel, that is jointly owned by Harpo Studios (minority) and Discovery, Inc (majority). OWN Go channel mainly telecasts programs targeting their African American audiences. By 2015, The Oprah Winfrey Network was available to more than 91 million TV households in America. It constitutes a whopping 70% of households with TV in the U.S.A.

If you have a cable subscription of Own Tv, You can watch OWN TV anytime and anywhere. Own Tv supports providers like – DirecTV, Spectrum, AT&T, Xfinity, Verizon.

From watching your favorite TV Shows to revealing the dark secrets of your favorite celebrities, All these things are telecast on the Watch Own App.

Is OWN TV free?

You can download the OWN TV app for free from your Device Apps Store. The service is available for free.

But, You should have a subscription plan with a TV provider (Verizon, AT&T U-Verse, DIRECTV, and DISH Network, etc.) to access the premium episodes and shows of OWN TV. You will not watch the OWN TV shows if you do not have a subscription from the TV provider.

Although, You can still watch the limited shows for free on OWN TV. 

What are the required things to activate the OWN TV?

Before activating the OWN TV, Ensure that you have all these things listing below:

  • A smartphone or computer
  • High-speed Internet
  • An active subscription to the OWN TV channel
  • A cable TV provider (Verizon, AT&T U-Verse, DIRECTV, and DISH Network, etc.)

How to activate Watchown TV on Roku at the

Follow these steps to activate Wacthwon TV on Roku at :

Step 1.→ Go to the Streaming channel by pressing the “HOME” button on your Roku remote.

Step 2.→ Select the Channel Store and Open it.

Step 3.→ Search for “OWN TV” in the search bar.

Step 4.→ Select the “OWN TV” and Press OK.

Step 5.→ Install the Watchown TV app by clicking on “Add Channel“.

Step 6.→ Launch the App after installation.

Step 7.→ You will receive a unique activation code on your device’s screen.

Step 8.→ Now, Go to using your smartphone or PC.

Step 9.→ Enter the activation code that you got on launching the Watchown App.

Own TV

Step 10.→ Click on the activate button.

Step 11.→ At last, Follow the prompts to complete the steps and start streaming.

Note→ You should have the email address and password that you used while subscribing to the cable or TV service to activate your device.

How to activate Watchown TV on Amazon Fire TV? (https start watchown tv activate)

Follow the steps that are listing below to activate the Watchown TV on Amazon Fire TV at the

Step 1.→ Go to the Home Screen by pressing the Home Button.

Step 2.→ Go to the Search bar or magnifying glass icon.

Step 3.→ Search the term “OWN TV”.

Step 4.→ Download and install the Own TV app.

Step 5.→ After the installation, launch the app. 

Step 6.→ Follow these instructions to get an activation code to activate the OWN TV.

Step 7.→ Now, Go to using your smartphone or PC.

Step 8.→ Enter your specific activation code.

Step 9.→ Click on the Activate button.

If you followed these prompts correctly, your device will activate automatically, and allow you to stream the OWN TV shows.

How to activate Watchown TV on Apple TV? (http start watchown tv activate)

Not just do Roku and Amazon Fire TV users get to enjoy all the talk shows and interviews hosted by one of the most prominent figures, but also people having Apple TV can enjoy original shows and classic videos.

Follow the steps that are listing below to activate the Watchown TV on Apple TV at the

Step 1.→ Open the App Store app of your Apple TV.

Step 2.→ Search for OWN TV.

Step 3.→ Select the app after you find it.

Step 4.→ Click on the Get button.

Step 5.→ Sign in with your Apple ID to download the OWN TV If you have not logged in.

Step 6.→ Open the app, after installing it.

Step 7.→ You will receive a unique activation code on the Apple TV screen

Step 8.→ After getting the code, Go to using your smartphone or PC.

Step 9.→ Enter the activation code on this website.

Step 10.→ Click on Activate button.

Note→ While activating the OWN TV app on your device, Make sure that your device and computer are connected with the internet connection.

How to activate Watchown TV on Android? (https start watchown tv activate code)

If you are using an Android Smartphone, Follow these steps for activating OWN TV on your Andriod device:

Step 1.→ Open Google Play by using the Play Store of your Andriod device.

Step 2.→ Find the OWN TV application.

Step 3.→ Install the OWN TV App.

Step 4.→ After installation, Open the app.

Step 5.→ Follow the prompts.

The prompts require you to log in with your TV provider in some cases. Sometimes, you have access to a selected number of shows and episodes on TV.

But if you choose an episode or a TV series that has a lock icon, Then, You need to subscribe or sign in with your Cable TV Provider to watch your favorite content.

How to activate Watchown TV on iOS?

Follow these steps to activate the OWN TV on your iOS device:

Step 1.→ Tap on the App Store from the Home Screen of your iOS Device.

Step 2.→ Click on the Apps.

Step 3.→ Click on the Search button and enter “OWN TV”.

Step 4.→ Find and Select the OWN TV App.

Step 5.→ Tap on the GET button.

Step 6.→ Install it on your iOS device.

Step 7.→ Sign in to the App Store to complete the installation.

Step 8.→ Now, Open the OWN TV app.

Follow the instructions to activate the Watchown TV app and watch your favorite shows.

Is OWN TV available on Netflix?

How to activate Watchown TV

Unfortunately, OWN TV is not available on Netflix. It is because Netflix is an independent platform that has its own hub of Web shows, movies, documentaries, and much more. However, You can still watch some shows of OWN TV on Netflix and Greenleaf is one of those shows.

Note: Netflix does not have its other Streaming platforms or TV services

Is the OWN TV available on Hulu?

Yes, The OWN TV is available on Hulu. You can watch the OWN TV on Hulu through the subscription plan. It will give you access to all the content that is available on the OWN Network.

You can stream shows like If Loving You Is WrongThe Paynes,  and Queen Sugar, among others. The monthly subscription fee of this platform is $5.99 only. However, Hulu also provides a free trial to its users.

Is OWN TV available on YouTube TV?

How to activate Watchown TV

Yes, You can access the OWN TV shows on YouTube TV. The OWN Network is also a part of the YouTube TV line-up. You can access these channels under the lifestyle and culture category. However, It also requires a subscription to stream the content.

The cost of a subscription plan is $64.99 per month on YouTube TV to watch the full episodes. YouTube TV also gives a trial period for its users to test the services before payment.

How to Watch OWN TV Content without a TV Provider?

You can still watch your favorite shows on OWN TV without a cable TV provider. Philo, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV are those platforms where you can watch the content of OWN TV.

OWN TV activation code not working

If the activation code of OWN TV is not working, follow these steps to resolve this issue:

Step 1.→ Uninstall the OWN TV app and reinstall it on your device. Step 2.→ Now, Open it to get the new activation code.

Step 2.→ Check to ensure you have provided the correct activation code.

Step 3.→ Make sure that you activate the device within minutes of getting the activation code. If you take longer, The activation code will expire, which means that you have to repeat the process.

Step 4.→ If you want to watch OWN TV in the UK, the activation code will not work because the OWN network is available in the USA only. You require a VPN to access the OWN application outside of America.

If the activation code is still not working trying all those steps, The problem could be with the OWN TV servers. Contact the OWN TV customer support at [email protected] and tell them to solve it.


You can stream OWN TV shows on almost every device whether it is Smart TV, or mobile device, Roku, or any iOS device. You can watch the weather you want. All you have to do is to download the OWN TV app. However, The service is free, but still, it requires a cable or a TV subscription to access it.

Furthermore, the only way of streaming the content is by first activating your device. If you do not have a TV subscription, you can watch a few shows on the OWN TV web platform for free.

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