Paquete Kenjutsu Samurai Free Fire – Everything about the new update

Are you a Free Fire lover? If Yes, Then I am pretty sure that you are excited about the Paquete Kenjutsu samurai in Free Fire. The update of Paquete Kenjutsu samurai makes this game more attractive for its users.

If you love the Dance Emotes, Guns Skins, and Pets in the Free Fire game, Then, The Samurai Pack Kenjutsu game is the one for you that you need. There are many things to know about the Kenjutsu Samurai Free Fire pack in this blog, So stay till the end.

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What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds) is a Battle Royale Game. Free Fire Battlegrounds was published by Garena and developed by 111 Dots Studio for Android and iOS users. 

Garena Free Fire became the world’s most downloaded mobile game in 2019. Because of its popularity, This battleground multiplayer game has also been awarded as the “Best Popular Voting Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019. As of November 2019, Free Fire has grossed its collection of over $1 billion worldwide. As of May 2020, Garena Free Fire has set the record with more than 80 million daily active users globally.

In this game, The goal of every player is to survive on an island with a maximum of 50 to 51 players online; Players have to eliminate the opponents and be the last man stand. The player encounters on their way and making sure that they are the only survivor left. The play zone or safe zone of the game shrinks in size over time that you can see in your game’s map. It leads the surviving players to narrower areas to force encounters. The last player or the last team alive will wins the round and therefore, a top 1, or victory royale is given to that player or that team.

The title gained with over more than 182 million downloads in 2018, making it the 2nd most downloaded Battle Royale mobile game (after Fortnite), and grossed around $ 19.3 million in monthly revenue so far. In December 2018, Free Fire becomes a major financial success for the company, Garena. In February 2020, Free Fire had more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

How to get the Paquete Kenjutsu Samurai Free Fire Pins Pack

If you want to get the Paquete Kenjutsu Samurai Free Fire Pins Pack, Then Follow these steps to get it:-

Step 1→ Go to any approved computerized organization for this update and requests the Garena free fire pins.

Step 2→ Buy the Free Fire pins and take your receipt from there.

Step 3→ You will get a code on that strip and if you lost that strip, You can recover it by an instant message or email.

Step 4→ When you get the Free fire Pins Pack code, Go to the Playstore and Download the Garena Free Fire application.

Step 5→ Sign in with your main account of Garena Free Fire whether it is linked from Facebook or Twitter.

Step 6→ Follow the interaction of claim and good wishes !! You will see the number of jewels in your record has been increased.

What are the agreements to get the Kenjutsu Samurai Free Fire Pins Pack?

These are the agreements to get the Kenjutsu Samurai Free Fire Pins Pack:

1→ It is simply material that can be claimed from the payment store stage.

2→ This update is just legitimate from 16th to the 23rd of February, 2021.

3→ It is only appropriate on the primary buy.

4→ The pins are simply offered to the Colombian free fire accounts.

5→ It is legitimate only for the users who buy the product using the accompanying organizations: Paytm, MOViiRED, Fullcarga, Practisistemas, Refacil, and MOVii applications.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with them at [email protected]


The restrictive Garena Free Fire pins have shown up. With the assistance of these pins, you can buy weapons, frills, wanted characters, and skins, and much more.

Likewise, Paquete Kenjutsu Samurai Free Fire pins Pack will help you to access the selective highlights of the game, updates, limits, and significantly more. Thus, You should prepare some courageous memories in the game and be the last one standing in your fights.

Additional FAQs

Q1. Who is the richest person in Free Fire?

Ans→ Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) is the richest person in Free Fire. He earns a total estimated net worth of 15 crore INR.

Q2. Is PUBG a copy of Free Fire?

Ans→ Pubg or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have copied the ideas of the famous game Free Fire but Pubg makes its game much better than Free Fire. The graphics of Pubg is on another level.

Q3. Who is king of Free Fire?

Ans→ Sultan Proslo is known as the king of the Free Fire. Sultan Proslo is a Free Fire gamer who belonged from Indonesia. His badge point is 25089 as belonging to the Heroic Tier.

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