How to activate Twitch TV on PlayStation and Xbox

Some people do not know that “How to activate Twitch TV from its official website””. They are finding their solution on the web. In this blog, I am gonna teach you to activate Twitch TV on various devices like – Xbox One, PS4, Roku, and much more. So, Stay till the end.

What is Twitch?

Websites now are endless in comparison to what it was 8 years ago. There are too many websites and it’s impossible to look at every single specific site. The website I want to tell you about is Twitch. It has grown a lot in the past 6 years of when it was launched officially. Twitch is a website that is used for live streaming and anyone can watch and take a part in it. Twitch is mostly used by gamers. It helps gamers a lot to stream live and helps them to interact with their audience. Users usually watch their favorite streamers to learn the game skills and also get entertainment out of it. Now, Twitch is very popular and successful because of its easy-to-use feature on its website. It gives them opportunities to everyone by organizing customs tournaments on their platform.

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The History of Twitch

Twitch is an American live streaming service that usually focuses on video game live streaming. Twitch was launched on June 6, 2011. The founder of Twitch is Justin kan, Michael Seibel and Kevin Lin. It came out as a new feature of Justin TV that was a live streaming platform founded by Justin Kan in 2007 with a feature of a 24/7 stream of his activities. By 2020, Twitch was the most favorite platform for video game content streaming online, engaging more than 9.7 million active streamers every month.

On average, Twitch user views 106 minutes of video game daily. Users spend plenty of time interacting with the live streaming service, making Twitch offer both influencers and marketers a massive opportunity.

With Twitch’s focus on engaged and sizable audience, as well as a growing monetization structure, the company may not be as popular as YouTube, but its influence is extensive.

Twitch TV Activate – How to get the Code

To activate Twitch TV, Make sure that you get the activation code from its official Twitch website itself. Otherwise, you cannot be able to get access to your Twitch TV account on any device. Follow these steps to ensure access to your Twitch account!

Firstly, Download the Twitch TV application from any app store of your device, such as the Google Play Store, App Store. Once you get the Twitch application, Click on it and wait for the screen to show some basic further instructions on it.

Once you are inside the Twitch app, register yourself by filling the sign-up form and Press the sign-up button.

  • The next step is to get verified your details on the activation process.
  • You will get your Twitch account by giving all the verification details to the Twitch TV app. 
  • After that, Move to the settings o the Twitch TV app to get the channel option. Select and add the channels to your Twitch account.
  • If you are having some difficulties with the activation code on your device, just go to your device web browser and access your Twitch TV account through there.
  • You can visit the official site if you’re still facing issues.
  • You have to fill out all the details including a check on the terms and conditions of the Twitch TV App without any faults.
  • Once you are done, click on the Activate button to activate your Twitch account and enjoy the app.

How to Enter Code

The process to enter the activation code of of your Twitch channel is not so complex! You just have to follow these methods, and you will find yourself gaining access to your account without any trouble!

Register at Twitch

You have to register yourself at the official website of Twitch at with your email address, password, and some other information.

Go to

Now, After making an account on by setting your email and all the correct credentials, Go to You will get a 6-digit activation code on your Twitch TV account. 

Type the activation code at Twitch TV Activate

Finally, when the code is generated, Now, click here → Link.

Twitch TV Activation Code

You will see the option of entering the Twitch TV activation code onto the screen of your streaming device. Type your activation code for watching Twitch’s unlimited thriller content.

How To Stream To Twitch On PlayStation 4 from

If you have a PS4 and a good internet connection, You can stream to Twitch straight from your PS4. Let’s see how you can stream straight from your ps4. Follow these easy steps to To Stream To Twitch On PlayStation 4 from

Step 1.→ Go to your PlayStation Store and search for the Twitch app.

Step 2.→ After searching for the Twitch app, Download and install it on your PlayStation.

Step 3.→ Open the Twitch App and sign in with your personal Twitch account.

Step 4.→ Here, You will get a verification code on your device.

Step 5.→ Now, Open a browser on your mobile or any other device.

Step 6. → Go to on using the browser of your device.

Step 7.→ Here, Sign in with your Twitch account, again.

Step 8.→ A pop-up will appear on your device’s browser and it will ask you to enter the verification code.

Twitch TV Activation Code

Step 9.→ Enter the verification code that you got before while signing in to your PlayStation.

Step 10.→ Click on the “activate” button.

Now, Your PlayStation is connected with your Twitch account. Now, You can do live streaming from your PlayStation.

Note → You can also select the video quality while you are Streaming. You can select 720P, 1080P, and much more options, you will get while streaming from your PlayStation.

How To Activate A Twitch Account On Xbox One at Xbox

I will show you that How to activate a twitch account on Xbox One at First of all, You have to check the connection’s quality before activation Twitch TV on Xbox. If your internet network is poor, the connection will be a break, and the activation process will not be successful. You have to sign in to your Twitch TV account. You will call get an activation code, You will need this code later to activate a twitch account on Xbox.

  • Go to your Xbox web browser and search for
  • If you don’t have an account on Twitch, it will take you to the signup page, and then, You have to create a Twitch account. Once you finished these things, you have a Twitch account.
  • It will take you to the next page where you have to activate your device. After this step, You have to wait till it opens a new page. Then, You have to type your Twitch TV activation code that you got before.
  • Now I want to input the code like it is 39, then click activate. Once you finish this, Your screen will be changed after activating your device.

By using these steps, You can activate your Twitch account on Xbox One.

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Twitch has become a vast platform for streaming content by its premium service. The first-class support system of updates and customer helplines make Twitch more popular. However, some glitches can hamper your overall experience. Although, Their service is truly incomparable and wonderful for its users in every way. Hence, Follow these exact steps mentioned on this website to activate your Twitch TV accounts easily. In a short time, You’ll be able to get notifications for your favorite channels for your favorite shows, channel programs, or a stream of your favorite games and binge-watch anytime.

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